Complement your organization with specialists in areas of knowledge you yourself lack.


Strengthen your existing organization with autonomous teams that take responsibility and report to your management.


Qualitative delivery when you have a clearly defined project with fixed frameworks in terms of budget and delivery time.


From wheat to loaf with preliminary study and prototype to a commissioned solution with long-term support and maintenance.

Exevator AB

Exevator is a Swedish IT company that operates in several business areas where we deliver business benefits through technical solutions and innovations.

We assist with expert consultants, carry out projects, overall commitments and set up complete resource teams.

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Business areas

Exevator work in a number of technology and business areas.

App and System Development

We develop customized SaaS platforms, web-based systems as well as desktop and mobile apps where the operation and scalability are in the cloud.

Digital Transformation

Take advantage of the benefits of running your applications in the cloud as SaaS or PaaS, we guide you along the way and go through the options.


If it concerns further developing and modernizing the heart and brain of the company, we work with a variety of standard systems where we build, rebuild, integrate and migrate. 

E-commerce and CMS

We work with both e-commerce and digital service sales with a focus on streamlining trade and visibility online together with underlying logistics and distribution.

Business Intelligence and Data Analytics

Base important decisions and strategies on facts with powerful BI tools and platforms, we are usually involved from the start or further develop your existing systems.

AI and Blockchain

AI and Blockchain are something close to our hearts where we refine solutions based on big data through machine learning and traceability.

Testning and QA

We add test teams both as part of delivery and as a separate function as a complement to your existing development process.

Embedded and IoT

Do you need help with all or parts of a project within built-in systems, often with some form of real-time requirements and remote control, then we have the right skills.

A selection of clients and cases

Here we show a selection of customers and cases

MedTech / E-health

Beyond ones and zeros

The patient care system developed is intended for clinical hospital use. The solution is used to simplify the workflow, process complaints, manage inventory, drug prescriptions, verify insurance coverage, etc.


Outdated system dependent on certain type of hardware and software in connection with difficulties in backup and crisis management.


Modernization by changing the client application to a cloud and web-based system where manuals and support are directly available.


More efficient care for more people through the modernization of outdated systems has also contributed to increased patient safety.


With a team of 10-15 developers including project management and testers, ongoing development and improvements happen seamlessly.

Retail / E-commerce

The key to success

Migration of outdated ERP within retail and e-commerce to support new needs and modern working methods has required a substantial lift of basic systems and surrounding support systems with reflection in the company’s e-commerce.


Outdated ERP system where the focus was on maintaining the system rather than getting satisfied employees and modern e-commerce.


Successive migration of code base with maintained database where systems and functions are built in parallel to reduce downtime in existing business processes.


The customer can now focus even more on the core business and also work anywhere and from any device in a modern web interface.


With an initial team of 4 developers, this has sometimes been up to 20 in various areas to support the entire development cycle.

Mer om våra områden och specifika case 


Words from some of our customers.

As a partner, Exevator give us a genuine commitment and they really understand the kind of skills we need. They quickly solve the needs with senior C/C++ developers who become our remote colleagues.

Patrik Jeppsson

Development Manager
Kentima AB

StrongPoint provides technical solutions that increase effectiveness for the retail industry. Exevator strengthens our development team with both QA and software developers. We can highly recommend working with Exevator.

Tomas Montvila

Software Development Manager
StrongPoint AB

We work with Exevator to supplement our development teams with talented developers from Poland. Exevator is a competent, flexible and proactive partner that we can warmly recommend.

Tim Åberg

Product Development Manager
CAB Group AB

Exevator has become a natural part of our local development team, contributing with innovation, development capacity and increased customer satisfaction. They are both professional and personable.

Ove Tengberg

Owner and CEO
Parttrap AB

Together with Exevator, we develop web, mobile and cloud solutions to streamline and automate parts of the business. They are fast, flexible and smooth to work with.

Andrea Stråberg

Operational Developer
Eton AB

Exevator helped us over the threshold to get started with an external team abroad and then continued expansion. Without them, we would have had difficulty scaling the development capacity locally.

Ingvar Falconer

Frenda AB


We are always enthusiastic about our customers’ challenges, as through many years of experience we have acquired both the experience and the tools required for a successful collaboration.


Technology in all its glory, but without the people behind it and the communication between them, it is extremely difficult to succeed.

Meeting and understanding

Therefore, in our opinion, a lot is about meeting and understanding each other, only then can you also succeed together.

Big picture

It is also about looking at the whole when it comes to all the individuals involved and their conditions.

Scale and grow

We believe in starting small and learning along the way to thereby grow into something scalable and stable.

Business values

An extremely important key for successful implementation is to create customer benefit and business value at all stages and levels.


For a successful whole, it is necessary to identify all the pieces of the puzzle, but above all to find their right place.

Exevator Management Team

Our people responsible for set-up, delivery and quality assurance.

Erik Pettersson

CEO | TechBiz Hybrid

John Cannerborg

COO | Digital Growth Leader

Johan Scott

CPO | Technical Advisor

Kateryna Madorna

CSM | Customer Success

Pierre Antoft 

Sales Manager


Please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.